Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"


Spiritual Preparedness

May 2013–Seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost

June 2013–Develop Faith

July 2013–Keep the Spirit of the Lord

August 2013–The Roles of the Holy Ghost

September 2013–Follow the Prophet

October 2013–Give Service

November 2013–Prayer

December 2013–“What Shall I Do Then with Jesus Which is Called Christ?”

January 2014–Fasting

February 2014–Truth

March 2014–Hope in Christ

April 2014–Peace Through the Atonement

May 2014–Obedience

June 2014–Sacrament

July 2014–Enduring Well

August 2014–Spiritual Gifts

September 2014–As We Strive for Perfection

October 2014–Small and Simple Things

November 2014–Gratitude

December 2014–Christmas

January 2015–Temples: The Mountain of the Lord

February 2015–Spiritual Preparation Through the Temple

March 2015–Forgiving Others

April 2015–Record Your Testimony

May 2015–Keep a Journal

June 2015–Finding Peace in Troubled Times

July 2015–Feast Upon the Word of the Lord

August 2015–Stay With the Brethren

September 2015–Focus on the Savior

October 2015–Finding Strength in the Words of the Prophets

November 2015–Be Ye Clean

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