Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Home Production

Home Production and Gardening

May 2013-Sprouting

June 2013–8 steps to a new garden

July 2013–Five Foods That Will Re-Grow From Your Kitchen Scraps

August 2013–Fall Gardening

September 2013–8 New Uses for Your Slow Cooker

October 2013–Water Bath Canning Basics

November 2013–Making Broths at Home

December 2013–Make Your Own Spice Blends

January 2014–Uses for Baking Soda

February 2014–Teaching Young People to Cook

March 2014–Making Milk Substitutes

April 2014–Making Beans and Grains More Digestible

May 2014–Three-Month Supply

June 2014–Homemade Granola

July 2014–Basic Mending Techniques

August 2014–Homemade Pasta

September 2014–Easy Homemade Sauerkraut

October 2014–Uses for Vinegar

November 2014–Make a Wrap Carrier

December 2014–How to Use Wheat Without a Grinder

January 2015–Making Basic Aprons

February 2015–Homemade Hand Sanitizers

March 2015–How to Can Tomatoes

April 2015–Using Dehydrated Foods

May 2015–Homemade Laundry Aids

June 2015–Homemade Garden Amendments

July 2015–Hot-weather Meal Preparation

September 2015–Growing Garlic

October 2015–Cover Crops

November 2015–Mulches

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