Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"


Equipment and Supplies

June 2013–Rocket Stoves

July 2013–Water Purification

August 2013–Laundry

September 2013–WaterBob Emergency Drinking Water Storage

October 2013–Feminine Hygiene

November 2013–Powering Electronic Equipment

January 2014–Emergency Radio

February 2014–Duct Tape

March 2014–Handwashing Station

April 2014–Car Escape Tool

May 2014–SAS Survival Handbook

June 2014–Inexpensive Solar Cooker

July 2014–Natural Protection from Insects

August 2014–Simple Flies and Shelters

September 2014–Earthquake Preparedness

October 2014–Plastic 33-55 gallon Trash Bags

November 2014–Diatomaceous Earth

December 2014–Every Day Carry

January 2015–Food Dehydrator

February 2015–Using and Caring for Oil Lamps

March 2015–Washboards

April 2015–Solar Lanterns

May 2015–Manual Can Opener

June 2015–Liquid Fuel Camp Stoves

July 2015–Mouse Control Strategies

August 2015–Military-Issue Hemorrhage Control

September 2015–Dry Shampoo

October 2015–Firestarting Supplies

November 2015–Wound Cleansing Supplies

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