Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"


Emergency and Disaster Response

May 2013–Emergency Communication

June 2013–First Aid Skills

July 2013–60-Second Evacuation Plan

August 2013–The 1-Hour Plan—section A

September 2013–The 1-Hour Plan—section B

October 2013–The 1-Hour Plan—section C

November 2013–Assembling a “Neck Safe”

December 2013–Illness and Quarantine

January 2014–Hardening Your Home

February 2014–Long-Term Water Storage

March 2014–Sanitation in Emergencies

April 2014–Storing Fuel

May 2014–Kitchen Fires

June 2014–Wildfire

July 2014–Emergencies and Children

August 2014–Finding Water in the Wilderness

September 2014–Pets and Emergencies

October 2014–Identity Theft

November 2014–Infant 72-Hour Kit

December 2014–Emergency Childbirth

January 2015–Oral Rehydration Solution

February 2015–First Aid for Severe Bleeding

March 2015–First Steps Post-Disaster

April 2015–Using Your 72-Hour Kit

May 2015–Protecting Your Supplies in a Natural Disaster

June 2015–Civil Unrest

November 2015–Landslides

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