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Home Production and Gardening–September 2015

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Growing Garlic

GarlicPlanting: Garlic is planted in rows 18” apart with 4” in-row spacing. Loosen and fertilize the soil and plant individual cloves 2” deep with the pointy end up. Mulch will help insulate over the winter and help keep weeds down as the weather warms. Plant 2 weeks before first frost—in our growing zone, we would plant the last week of October, preceding our first frost around November 14th.

Growing: Water as necessary to keep soil evenly moist. Trim scapes (seed heads) when they start to point downward—this will improve bulb size. When the tips and outer leaves of the plant start to die, stop watering.

Harvesting: About 2 weeks after you stop watering, your garlic should be ready to harvest. Loosen the soil around the bulb, grasp by leaves and pull gently.

Curing: Tie or braid garlic leaves together and hang in a shady area (garlic can sunburn!) with good airflow. Allow to cure for a month or two until the roots are dry and stiff and the leaves are entirely brown. Garlic can be eaten during this time—curing just lengthens your storage time.

Storing: Trim off dried roots to ½”. Optimal storage conditions are between 45F-55F degrees and 60-70 percent humidity. With thorough curing and under these conditions, garlic may last as long as a year.


How to grow garlic video.

How to braid garlic video.

More info and recommendations for varieties.


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