Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

72-Hour Kits–September 2015

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Month Three

soft side first aidThis month’s purchases:

  • 1 First Aid Kit–$10-20 Walmart, etc
  • Add any essential medications you take


*Some supplies and medications will need to be rotated.  Write the “use by” dates on your calendar so they won’t be wasted or useless when you need them.

*Hard-sided kits may do a good job of protecting items, but are bulky and heavy.  You may wish to switch to a soft container for your backpack kits.

*Consider adding: Benadryl (bites, stings, allergies, poison oak, sleep), painkillers, diarrhea medication, pediatric medicines if you have kids, liquid bandage, disposable gloves, and a cold pack.  For Brother Harmon’s list, go to: First Aid Checklist



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