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"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Food Storage–August 2015

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Month Four


Food Storage plans are intended to feed one person for one year:

Here are the year’s totals for all of the plans:

The Bare Minimum      $480 for the year, with monthly purchases averaging $40

Expanded Storage     $1870 for the year, with monthly purchases averaging $155

Gluten-Free Storage       $1017 for the year, with monthly purchases averaging $85

We hope this is helpful!

The Bare Minimum

9 cans powdered milk     $42.75  (LDS cannery)

TOTAL $42.75

Expanded Storage

10 lbs brown sugar $7.80 (Costco)

2 #10 cans dried fruit $10 (LDS cannery, Walmart, Honeyville)

1 lb yeast     $4  (price for 2 lbs, Costco)

12 cans tuna     $10.44  (Walmart)

3 #10 cans powdered milk     $16.20 (LDS cannery)

3 lbs sprouting seeds    $19.50 (Emergency Essentials)

5 lbs baking powder   $10 (Costco)

8 48 oz jars peanut butter   $43.56 (Costco)

2 #10 cans dried whole egg   $80 (Walmart)**

TOTAL  $209.50

Gluten-Free Storage

50 lbs garbanzo beans     $44 (Honeyville)

50 lbs brown rice   $63 (Honeyville)

25 lbs short grain rice   $25 (Winco)

TOTAL  $132

**Due to this year’s avian flu, eggs are in short supply and very expensive.  I cannot find anyplace that currently has powdered egg in stock.  Walmart will give you the option of signing up for an in-stock alert if you wish to be notified when they hit the shelves again.

Store names provided when I thought they might be helpful in keeping costs down.  If you are having a hard time finding items for the price listed, leave a comment by clicking on the link at the top of the left sidebar and I will give you my pricing info. Pricing is subject to change…as anyone shopping these days can testify!


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