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Equipment and Supplies–August 2015

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Military-Issue Hemorrhage Control

In the case of an arterial bleed, you have just minutes to get the bleeding stopped before facing unconsciousness and death. These items have been designed for military use in case of serious injury and can even be deployed by the injured individual. While such injuries may be unlikely in most of our day-to-day lives, they can and do occur and having an item like this on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

CAT-Combat-Application-TourniquetThe first item is a military issue combat application tourniquet (abbreviated CAT). Although, in general first aid, tourniquet use is not recommended, this has been designed to reduce many of the problems commonly seen with usage and can be applied correctly using just one hand. Currently, they run about $30. If you find one for significantly less than that, it may well be a knock-off and may not be of the quality you need from a device like this—make sure you purchase an authentic item from a trusted retailer. They are available from amazon, here.

israeli bandageThe second item is an Israeli battle dressing compression bandage, sometimes called simply an Israeli bandage. The bandage has a simple mechanism to apply consistent direct pressure a wound, but it can also be used as a tourniquet or a sling. It is also designed to be used one-handed and comes vacuum-sealed to ensure cleanliness. These run about $10 and are available from amazon, here.

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