Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Equipment and Supplies–December 2014

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Every Day Carry

EDCWhether or not you are ‘into’ preparedness every one of us has an EDC or Every Day Carry.  This refers to the items you carry on your person every day and everywhere you go.  Men usually keep their EDC items in their pockets, women in their purses.  Students often keep their EDC in a backpack. New mothers carry a diaper bag.

Many of us will carry the following items: cell phone, money, credit cards, driver’s license, comb, keys.  Men may carry a pocket knife.  Women may carry makeup.  A student may have pencils, pens, sticky tabs, felt pens.  A new mother would, no doubt, have diapers and wipes.  All EDC items should help us to be prepared for our day-to-day activities, and they will vary for each one of us based on our needs and circumstances.  However, it is important to remember that your EDC is not your 72-hour kit and you must emphasize portability.

Take a look at your EDC and ask these questions.
1. What situations could I find myself in where I might need additional items in my EDC?

2. What items can I carry with me at all times that are not heavy, but could be helpful in these situations?
The list below came from Wikipedia.  Read through it and see if it gives you any ideas on items to add to your EDC:

  • A knife, multi-tool and/or Swiss Army knife
  • A wrist watch
  • A flashlight (either a key-chain light, a headlamp, or a “tactical” flashlight which has a brighter output used to temporarily blind and stun assailants)
  • A whistle or airhorn (noise makers)
  • A cell phone or other electronic device like a digital camera to record evidence (sometimes satellite phones if in remote areas)
  • Sustainment items such as bottled water and high energy foods
  • Pen, pencil, or a tactical pen similar in concept to a Kubotan for striking and stabbing
  • Pocket notebook/memo (smart phones and electronic note-taking devices are increasingly being used instead of notebooks)
  • Medicine for common ailments and maladies such as allergies and gastrointestinal problems
  • A metal pocket comb that can also be used as a weapon or tool
  • Prescription medicine that has to be taken daily
  • A compact first aid kit
  • Rope or paracord
  • Duct tape
  • Handkerchiefs or other utility cloth
  • Keys containing key chain and accessories like a flashlight, nail clipper, pill bottle, folding scissors, carabiner, or Kubotan
  • Gloves, which can be latex, nitrile, leather, or synthetic
  • Pepper spray/OC spray or stun gun/tazer
  • Handgun and holster
  • Lighter or matches


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