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Equipment and Supplies–June 2014

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Inexpensive Solar Cookersolar cooker photo


  1. Reflective auto sunshade ($1 at dollar store or can use cardboard and aluminum foil)
  2. Small wire trivet to put under pot
  3. Dark colored, thin-walled cooking pot (check thrift stores)
  4. Oven bag (turkey size) & twist tie
  5. Clothes pins (optional)
  6. Oven thermometer (optional)

Measure from top of sunshade down about 16” and mark. Slit shade up from the bottom to your mark. Fold the resulting tabs in to form a base for the pot to sit on. Put food in the pot and place pot on trivet inside the oven bag along with thermometer, if you wish to monitor the temperature. Position the solar cooker to face the sun and reposition every 30-45 minutes to follow the sun. It is a good idea to place it on a patio chair with arms as it will provide extra support if it is windy.

Safety notes: The pot will get very hot. Use a pot holder when handling! Sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes from the glare off the cooker.




One thought on “Equipment and Supplies–June 2014

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