Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Equipment and Supplies–February 2014

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Duct Tape

duct tape

It seems the majority of camping, preparedness and emergency web sites I study include good old duct tape as a necessity for many different reasons.  This month’s column is devoted to this everyday, inexpensive product and many of its uses for preparedness.  I bet you can add more reasons for having duct tape in your home, car, or 72-hour kit.

  • Waterproof  tape for splints
  • Make a sling
  • Prevent blisters by covering areas of feet before hiking
  • Wrapping tape tightly around your pants at the ankles will protect you against ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Improve grip of yard tools by wrapping handle
  • Cut 2″ strips for butterfly bandages to close a wound
  • Wrap a sprained ankle
  • Use it to protect a bandaged injury
  • Close a wound
  • Tape windows before storms to prevent glass shattering
  • Repair cracked trash cans
  • Insulate your winter boots. It always seems like, no matter how thick and cozy my shoes and socks are, my feet are still freezing. Help prevent heat loss by lining the insides of your boots with duct tape, silver side up.
  • Repair a tent
  • Repair a sleeping bag
  • Repair a torn backpack
  • Hem clothing
  • Make a clothesline
  • Reseal packages of food
  • Fix (splint) a broken tent pole
  • Fix (splint) a broken fishing pole
  • Create a shelter with trash bags or other materials
  • Mend a screen
  • Make a belt
  • Fix your rain gear
  • Mark a trail
  • Use to hang perimeter lights
  • Cover exposed skin to protect from frostbite
  • Use as fly tape instead of chemicals
  • Seal off a room (with plastic sheeting) in a shelter-in-place situation
  • Keep socks from slipping (apply to bottom of socks)
  • Temporary fix for radiator hoses, etc. in your car
  • Tape a knife for blade to a branch or pole for a spear


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