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Equipment and Supplies–January 2014

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Emergency Radio

Kaito radioFor the past few months a number of subjects have been covered to prepare our families in case of an emergency.  We have discussed water purification, emergency stoves, small solar power battery chargers and clothes washing to name a few.

One area we have not covered as yet, but which is crucial for us to be well-prepared, is a source of information.  Whether wild fires, bad weather or civil unrest, a good emergency radio can make a big difference in how your family gets through the rough times.

etonarcfr160rWhich emergency radio to purchase can be confusing, as there are a number of factors that need to be considered.  The information below is taken from the following online article written to help in making this decision –

The article covers the following subjects:

  • Where you live plays a part in what type of emergency radio you need.
  • Emergency radios with alert features are preferable.
  • What are the best emergency radios you can get?
  • Are the cheapest emergency radios just as good as more expensive models?
  • Where can I find the best prices on emergency radios?

This is good article, but one area he does not cover is portability.  If you are choosing a radio that will stay in your home should you ‘shelter in’ during an emergency, then a radio that weighs a few pounds won’t be a problem, but what if you have to ‘bug out’?  Grabbing your 72 hour backpack, the baby, and also hauling a bulky emergency radio could cause its own emergency.  Also, be sure to consider the source of power you will use to run the radio.  The more options the better.



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