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Emergency and Disaster Response–September 2013

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Evacuation Plans—Part Two: The 1-Hour Plan—section B

important documents

We continue our preparations for the 1-hour evacuation plan from last month.  To-do items are in bold:

1.   Gather box of Important Documents.  Purchase a package of sturdy cardboard banker’s boxes—three per family, plus one for each family member.  Label the first “Important Documents” and assemble it to include:

  • Vital Records—official legal certificates, licenses, wills, trusts, etc
  • Identification Records—driver’s license & Social Security card (photocopy),  passport, permits, etc
  • Education Records—transcripts, degrees, diplomas, awards, certifications, etc
  • Work Records—resume, accomplishments, professional awards/certification, pay stubs, W-2, etc
  • Medical Records—History, allergies, medications, dental x-rays, immunizations, etc
  • Property Documents—Home purchase documents; inspection reports; rental agreement; auto titles and registration; receipts for appliances, firearms, etc; take photos of home, furnishings and property to expedite replacement by insurance company
  • Insurance Documents—home, auto, life, health, supplemental
  • Current Bills—mortgage, loan & credit card payments, utilities, cable, memberships, etc
  • Tax Documents—tax returns for last three years, other tax documents
  • Membership Documents and Records
  • Financial Records—bank, investment and retirement accounts, credit cards (photocopy), other assets
  • Military records

List contents, tape one copy inside lid of box and insert one into Evacuation Plans binder.

2.   Gather box of “Family Records”.  Include:

  • Original photos and scrapbooks
  • Journals, letters, Patriarchal Blessings and personal histories
  • Books of Remembrance: digital and paper copies
  • Family videos
  • Computer back-up discs and drives
  • Other irreplaceable family memorabilia

List contents, tape one copy inside lid of box and insert one into Evacuation Plans binder.

3.   Make a list of “Additional Wealth”, label third box and tape list to inside of lid.  Judge wisely and try to stick to the banker’s box size limit. List could include:

  • Laptop computer (may want to carry separately for safety)
  • Cash or precious metals
  • Valuable items currently on display in your home
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Irreplaceable books, heirlooms or antiques
  • Firearms and ammunition (may want to carry separately for safety)

List contents, tape one copy inside lid of box and insert one into Evacuation Plans binder.

4.   Label a banker’s box for each family member to fill with their own items.  Create lists, assign small children a helper and do a “dry run”.  This might be a good FHE activity when teaching about handcart pioneers or preparedness.  After the boxes are filled, members should load them into the vehicle, sit in their seats and buckle up.  Items might include:

  • Additional change of clothing and a couple changes of underclothes and socks
  • Church clothes, work clothes for adults
  • Pajamas
  • Favorite book, toy, stuffed animal
  • Toiletry items
  • Bath towel and washcloth

List contents, tape one copy inside lid of box and insert one into Evacuation Plans binder.

(to be continued…)

(I have drawn HEAVILY on the ideas and recommendations of a Hurricane Katrina survivor for the sections on evacuation.  Unfortunately, although his website is an absolute wealth of knowledge, his language is very crude and I don’t feel great about linking directly to it.  However, wanting to give credit where credit is due, if you would like to visit his site, run a search on “the place with no name Katrina” and it should be your top result.)

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