Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Equipment and Supplies–August 2013

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clothes washing 005

Keeping up with the laundry in a busy household is a challenge even in the best of times and with the convenience of modern appliances.  Take away my washer and dryer and my life changes drastically.  If I had to choose between my dishwasher and my clothes washer, there would be no pause in my decision—definitely I would choose to keep my clothes washer.
However, should I have to resort to hand washing the family wardrobe, the system pictured above is what I have selected to do the dirty work.  This basic set up is very inexpensive and  includes: 

  1. a wash bucket  ( a lid with a hole in the center for the plunger keeps splatters down but is not necessary)
  2. a rinse bucket
  3. the wringer bucket
  4. a new toilet plunger
  5. soap 
  6. rope for clothes line
  7. clothes pins

I have made one modification to this kit—I exchanged the toilet plunger for a Mobile Washer which is a plunger specifically designed to wash clothes.  This hand washer uses a push-pull motion to agitate the water through the clothes.  The Mobile Washer can be found online for under $20.

mobile washerAfter pricing wringers to wring the clothes I found this much less expensive technique to do the job.

clothes washing 004

The wringer bucket is just a little larger than the wash/rinse bucket and has a number of small holes drilled into the bottom of it.  Put the rinsed clothes into the wringer bucket then put the smaller bucket with the lid on inside the wringer bucket .  Sit on it and wring out your clothes. To conserve water, wash the least dirty clothes first then progress up to the dirtiest. Pour the dirty water on the garden. As the rinse water gets soapy use it for wash water and get new rinse water. The water from the wringer bucket can also be saved and used again by putting a pan under it to catch the excess water.


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