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"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Home Production and Gardening–June 2013

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8 Steps to a New Garden

garden plant

  1. Mark it out– Plan out the shape/size of your bed by using a garden hose. Once you find the shape you like, use a line of sand to outline it.
  2. Get rid of any grass– If you have grass in that area, remove it with a spade or sod cutter.  Or, if you have time to wait, mow that area as low as you can, and then cover it with several-sheet-thick layer of newspaper and several inches of soil or compost. Wait a couple of months for the grass to die.
  3. Dig it up– Dig or till the new garden to remove any rocks, roots, and debris.
  4. Edge the garden– Keep the lawn from working its way in by digging a trench about 8 inches deep around the garden.
  5. Site your plants– Though time consuming, placing your pre-planted plants around the garden allows you to get the spacing just right and make your plants really will look good next to each other.
  6. Plant!- When you know all of your plants are in exactly the right spots, plant them in the ground. It’s helpful to loosen or tease the plants’ roots before you put them in the ground, especially if they were root bound.
  7. Spread mulch– One of the best things you can do for your new garden is to spread mulch. A 2-inch-deep layer of shredded wood or other material will do wonders for stopping weeds and helping your soil conserve moisture during times of drought.
  8. Water– Once everything is planted and mulched, give your garden a good soaking.

**Hint: If your mulch is dry, it may absorb some water before your plants can. Soak dry mulch well to make sure your plants get enough moisture.


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