Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Equipment and Supplies–June 2013

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Last month at the RS Garden Party an inexpensive solar cooker was set up for those sisters that are interested in alternative cooking methods.  A solar cooker is by far the the least expensive choice for a cooker as the fuel is free, however, the sun is not always shining so another method of cooking may be necessary.  This month the rocket stove will be our focus. In a  recent article in Meridian Magazine (an LDS member web magazine) Carolyn Nicolaysen who authors the blog was asked to write an article on alternative cooking methods and she includes the rocket stove:

“Rocket stoves are low-mass and designed to burn small pieces of wood very efficiently. Cooking is done on the top of a short insulated chimney. A rocket stove is easy to construct using low-cost materials. The stoves can be constructed out of almost anything that is non flammable, such as: tin cans, metal barrels, bricks, etc. A skirt around the pot helps hold heat in, increasing efficiency.

Rocket Stoves use branches, twigs, small wood scraps, or just about any small combustible material to create heat. The fuel burns creating a very hot fire, and eliminating smoke while using a very small amount of fuel. The design ensures that the heat goes into the cooking pot, not into the stove.

Large ovens can be constructed using two 55 gallon drums, one inside the other. There are limitless possibilities. Smaller ovens can be constructed using #10 cans and scrap metal or pipe.

Rocket Stoves more efficient, more clean, and use less fuel than an open fire and is inexpensive to construct.”


Rocket Stoves can be purchased in all price ranges but the least expensive can be made yourself.  This web site

is a great tutorial but there are many other sites, just google ‘rocket stove DIY’  or check YouTube videos.

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