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"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Emergency and Disaster Response–June 2013

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First Aid Skills

Most of us have had some kind of basic first aid training during our lives, but it is sometimes difficult to remember skills that are rarely used.  Time for a refresher!  Click on any of the links below to refresh your knowledge of how to handle various medical emergencies.    Note: some of the links are to information originating from British medical organizations.  They will list the emergency services number as 999.  Rest assured, it is still 911 here. 😉

Primary Survey at the scene of injury (video)

Secondary Survey at the scene of injury-SAMPLE DOTS and CSM (video-conscious) (video-unconscious)

Shock (video-short) (video-long)

Hypothermia Wilderness treatment (video)

Frost bite (video)

Heat Exhaustion (video)

Heat Stroke (video)

Diabetic Emergency (video)

Seizure (video)

Stroke (video)

Heart attack (video 1) (video 2)

Asthma (video)

Poisoning & About ipecac (video-mentions ipecac use which is not the recommended treatment)

Sprains & Strains (video) (sprain or break video)

Dehydration (video) (homemade rehydration drink)

Drowning & Rescuing (video)

Bleeding (video mild) (video severe) (arterial pressure points)

Broken bones (video) (splinting video) (field splint video)

Head injury (video)

Choking (infant video) (child video) (conscious video) (unconscious video)

Burns-general  & 2nd degree  & Electrical  & Chemical (good but somewhat graphic video)

Unconscious and breathing (video)

Unconscious, no breath, no pulse/CPR   &  CAB posterHand position (video)

There is a pretty good participatory simulation here dealing with CPR, defibrillation and choking emergencies.

Other preparations to consider this month:

  • Go through first aid kits you keep in your home, car, office, etc—replace and restock as needed
  • Purchase a good First Aid Guide such as—

                     Red Cross First Aid Guide

                     A military first aid guide

                     Other quality first aid guide

           There are printable online guides available, such as this one, if you would like to print and bind your own.

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