Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Food Storage–May 2013

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Introduction and Month One


To make getting prepared less daunting, we have broken down three versions of a year’s supply into monthly purchases.  All plans are for one person for one year.

The first of the plans is The Bare Minimum.  This plan is according the Church’s long-term supply suggestions and will require a monthly average purchase of about $42, with the year’s total $500.  The complete plan works out to a little more than a pound of grain daily, a little more than a pound of beans weekly, a little milk, oil, salt, sweetener, plus a gallon of water per day for two weeks.

The second of the plans is Expanded Storage.  It is a bit more comprehensive and more costly.  It includes more of the basics as well as fruits and vegetables and a longer-term water supply.  I am still working on a total cost, but it looks like the monthly purchases will come in between $125-$175.

The third is Gluten-Free Storage.  The list came from a gluten-free lds mom blogger.  As a disclaimer, I have gone wheat-free, but never gluten-free so I have limited understanding here.  I have simply broken down her list.  It works out to about $85 per month, with the year’s total $1017 and is pretty close to The Bare Minimum plan but with some gluten-free additions and adjustments.

We hope this is helpful!

The Bare Minimum

5 quarts oil     $12.50

8 lbs salt     $8

14 gallons drinking water     $14

TOTAL $34.50

Expanded Storage

1 case (12 cans) fruit     $15

2 #10 (abt 2 lbs) cans instant potatoes     $6.50  (lds cannery)

6 #10 cans (abt 4 lbs) cans powdered milk     $51.60  (lds cannery)

50 lbs wheat     $22.90  (lds cannery)

9 lbs yeast     $18  (costco)

TOTAL  $114

Gluten-Free Storage

50 lbs white rice     $24  (lds cannery)

7 5-gallon food-grade buckets     $42  (lowe’s)

8 lbs salt     $8

14 gallons water     $14

TOTAL  $88

(Store names provided when I thought they might be helpful in keeping costs down.  If you are having a hard time finding items for the price listed, leave a comment below and I will give you my pricing info.)


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