Prepare Every Needful Thing

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"

Dear Sisters,

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We live in a day of great contrasts.  On one hand, the world is ripening in iniquity, the foundational institutions and morals of society are under fierce attack, the earth is in upheaval and we witness wars and rumors of wars among all nations.  But the Lord is also hastening His work.  The word of the Lord and his Priesthood power are available as never before in the history of the earth, Temples dot the land and the work of the Lord moves forward at an increasing pace.  Ours is the great privilege to participate in laying the foundations of the Millennium, to prepare the way of the Lord and to build Zion.  We were reserved for this time for this work, to be an example and a strength to those around us.  The Lord has blessed us with living Prophets to help us to navigate these latter-day waters and to prioritize how we spend our time, energy and resources.  Among those invaluable directions is the repeated warning to become prepared for what lies ahead.  The Lord requires a people who are both physically and spiritually ready for the challenges of our day in order to accomplish what needs to be done before He comes again.

Our goal on these pages is to help you to hearken to the counsel we have been given, by breaking down larger goals into manageable tasks, providing a forum to share the knowledge each of us has gained, and finding solutions to common obstacles and problems.  We hope that this will be useful to you and your families and that the Lord will bless you greatly as you strive to keep His counsel.

May the Lord bless your efforts!

The Ione Ward Relief Society Preparedness Committee

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