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Home Production and Gardening–May 2013

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Learn to grow sprouts!


What you will need:

*Sprouting seeds (Alfalfa, broccoli, etc)

*A jar and screen lid – This can be either piece of muslin, window screen, or netting that allows air to reach the seeds. Some people even use clean pieces of old pantyhose.

*A rubber band or canning jar lid used to attach the screen to the jar. One suggestion is to repurpose a Mason jar lid, minus the center part.

Grow it:

1. Put 1 Tablespoon of seeds in the jar and cover with 1 Cup of water.

2. Attach the screen to the jar and let the seeds soak overnight.

3. The following day, drain the water from the jar through the cloth/mesh lid.

4. Rinse the seeds with fresh water and drain well. Lay the jar on its side.

5. Drain and rinse the seeds twice a day. A good time to do this is in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner.

6. When the sprouts have grown to their desired height, open the jar and enjoy!

What do you use sprouts for?

Use in salads, sandwiches, stir fry or even on top of burgers! Also, sprouts make a good filler in soups. The opportunities are endless.

Where can I buy seeds for sprouting?

Seeds can be bought in most health food stores, garden/nursery and online (sources below)


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